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We’re not like other solar energy companies or green energy providers. We are brokers and we are here for you! We’ll answer your questions and tell you honestly about solar energy pros and cons. In every discussion with you, we will provide unbiased recommendations to find you the best Solar Power system to suit your home and save you money.


Solar Brokers Canada aligns with the best solar partners in the industry based on our ability to deliver the best; products, service, financial solutions and customer experience for your solar solution. When selecting the perfect partners for you – we also take your home’s location into consideration. These partnerships combined with your home’s unique factors, allow Solar Brokers Canada to provide you with service that’s second to none.


No question is a bad question. We work FOR YOU and we are here to answer any and all questions you have about adopting solar. Your Solar Brokers Canada broker knows and expects that you will have many questions about; the cost of solar panels, the advantages of Solar Power, even if solar panels are right for the design of your home.   You have questions and it’s our pleasure to answer them. Rest assured that before you make your decision to adopt solar, you will know all you need to know about the pros and cons of solar energy.


Manufacturers and installers only have one goal and that is getting you to buy their products. As brokers, our only goal is about getting you the best Solar Power system for your home. It won’t cost you any extra to use the services of a Solar Broker and there is no financial incentive for us to pick one product over another.

Quality Assurance & Green Lion Eco Group

To ensure that quality is never compromised, we’ve established an affiliate company – Green Lion Eco Group (Green Lion). Green Lion is a Quality Assurance and Project Management company who manage and service each and every solar power project for our customers. Through our extensive experience, we have seen what can go wrong if a solar energy system isn’t designed and constructed properly. Your system is a powerful investment, and Green Lion along with Solar Brokers Canada will be with you every step of the installation process and beyond to protect your investment and ensure that your system is built right and lasts a long, long time – Guaranteed!

Residential Solar Panel Brokers


Our brokers are experts and they’ll work hard for you! They bring you a wealth of knowledge about; system design, financing, insurance, installation, regulations, monitoring and advanced energy savings solutions. We’ll determine your unique needs and find the best Solar Power solution for your family and your home.


Responsible Canadians adopt solar. And using a Solar Broker is a great way to help you invest in the future of your community and future generations. Solar is not only a great financial investment, it’s also an investment in our planet – after all, THERE IS NO PLANET B.