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Solar Brokers Canada is one of the largest solar providers in Canada and the first residential solar brokerage in the country. Since its founding in 2012, the company has experienced revenue growth of over 8900%. To date the company has brokered over 30 megawatts of residential solar in Ontario. Based in Toronto, Solar Brokers Canada and its affiliate Green Lion Eco Group, a solar engineering and project management company, oversee a staff of over 200 industry-leading professionals. Through proprietary tools, including state of the art project management and customer relationship management software and lead-generating interactive digital display kiosks, Solar Brokers Canada is redefining how consumers adopt residential solar.

Our Mission

To empower people to leverage the abundant, clean power of the sun by providing expert, non-biased custom solar solutions that save our customers money. In short: Powering Homes. Empowering people.

We're Not Like the Others

Did we mention that we’re different? Solar Brokers Canada was established to satisfy our customers’ need for an unbiased, consultative and a DIFFERENT approach to purchasing Solar Power systems. Our unique brokerage model benefits our customers by ensuring optimum cost savings, increased benefits and complete satisfaction through increased efficiencies in our unique sales process. With multiple choices for Solar Power technology, installation, financing and ownership, our customers value our experience in creating customized solutions.

We Work for You!

We work exclusively for you – our customers, not the solar PV installers or the distributors. It’s our job to understand your long-term vision and goals then structure your investment to eliminate risk and generate worry-free returns. In short, this means we will find you the best possible solar design for you and your home that provides the most amount of energy savings. Best of all… our service won’t cost you a thing.

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Meet The Team

Jean Claude (JC) Awwad

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

JC Awwad is the CEO and co-founder of Solar Brokers Canada (SBC). In 2012, JC was one-half of a powerful duo who started Solar Brokers Canada (SBC) and he’s since helped propel SBC to become the leading national brokerage firm in the residential renewable energy solutions space.

With rapid growth of the business from just 2 to now over 100 people, JC credits the company’s still-early success to both the nature of the industry as well as the organizational culture that he nurtures. JC’s professional philosophy of continuous self-development, encourages all SBC and SBA stakeholders to take an entrepreneurial and self-governing approach to business. “You set people up for success when you empower them to do great things. Being ambitious as well as whole-heartedly getting behind a product or service you believe in, is a winning formula.”

A lifelong entrepreneur, JC founded his first company – a commercial van & truck retrofit business in Montreal, Quebec at age 23. He grew the business to more than 65 people within 3 divisions, before moving onto the renewable energy space in 2011, with a large firm in Montreal. During his time at this firm, JC connected with his colleague Joseph Barker and together, they formed Solar Brokers Canada.

Today, as Solar Brokers’ co-founders and leaders, JC and Joseph have developed a unique brokerage model that works in the best interest of consumers. Brokers add infinite value to the sales process because they are impartial match-makers, uniting clients with the right products and service providers, all while managing the fine details to make the customer experience easy and enjoyable.

Solar Brokers America was launched in December, 2015 and JC looks forward to bringing his unique brokerage model to customers and brokers across the United States.

Joseph Barker

Chief Operating Officer, Senior Broker & Co-founder

Joseph Barker is Solar Brokers Canada’s COO and co-founder. Joseph began his journey into solar in 2011 when he accepted a senior sales position with a full-service solar provider in Montreal, Quebec. By 2012 he was half of a two-person start-up where he quickly established himself as an industry-leading consumer advocate for renewable energy. Today, that two-person company has grown to employ more than 100 people (and counting) and has recently expanded into the United States. Both Joseph and his partner JC have mastered the art of “divide and conquer”. JC drives the rapid growth of the organization, while Joseph gains greater awareness for the business as an industry leader and he ensures that the company operates like a fine-tuned machine.

Joseph takes a collaborative and educational approach to the business, working with industry leaders internationally to promote cleaner energy choices, stimulate commerce and facilitate job creation. When asked what he loves about this business, Joseph explains that as a brokerage, his unique business model is able to remain impartial and offer consumers educated options rather than just selling them goods; “It’s not just about offering hardware or software, it’s about offering people an experience. He goes on to explain his “birds of a feather” approach to the industry. “When people make the conscious move to renewable energy, they become part of something larger and that has value well beyond just financial benefits. People actually become empowered to change their world – and that is priceless”.

As Solar Brokers America’s head of operations, Joseph leads the organizations’ growing sales and marketing teams, spearheads contract negotiations and identifies and develops international growth opportunities. Joseph’s wider interests include energy and urban economics, sustainable urban planning, and energy policy.


Solar Brokers Canada is a wonderful advocate for personal and professional growth and we are always actively recruiting potential brokers who share the same drive for success and a desire to conduct themselves ethically and with integrity. If you’d like to join North America’s fastest growing Solar Brokerage firm, we’d love to speak with you!

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