Solar Energy Solutions for Your Home

We’ll help offset your energy costs in 3 easy steps!

Work with an experienced Solar Broker and get on the road to energy independence for as little as $500 down. Every year, energy costs continue to rise in Canada. You need to pay for your energy regardless; why not put equity into a solar system that could eliminate your energy bill? How you ask? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Residential Solar Panel Brokers

Step 1:Qualify and See what you'll save:

Your broker will shop around on your behalf to find the solar power system that’s right for you and your family! He/she will also take care of all the paperwork for you and answer any questions you have before signing your agreement.

Residential Solar Panel Brokers

Step 2:Design and 2-day Installation

Your broker will work with you and an experienced solar PV designer to create a solar power system design that is perfect for your roof! After that, we’ll ensure a professional and industry-compliant installation of your solar power system through a trusted installer.

Residential Solar Panel Brokers

Step 3:Flip the switch and save!

Your broker will manage the solar power system process right through to the moment your system is turned on, and you are on the road to energy independence.

Green Lion Eco Group

Our Quality Assurance & Project Management Affiliate


Through our extensive experience in managing solar power projects, we identified a need for better service and higher quality to deliver a superior customer experience. That’s why we established Green Lion Eco Group an affiliate Project Management & Quality Assurance company.

Green Lion manages and services every solar power project from the moment the project is transferred from your Solar Broker’s Canada Broker. Invested in state of the art project management technology, they ensure your project is managed with the highest level of quality and completed on time.

Both Solar Brokers Canada and Green Lion work for you, and only you--not the installers or the distributors--and neither company takes lightly that your system is a powerful investment. Rest assured that both Green Lion and Solar Brokers Canada will be with you every step of the way--and beyond.

Learn all about Green Lion Eco Group, here.

To Buy or Finance? That is a good question!

Deciding whether to purchase or finance your solar power system can be confusing. Try thinking of it as buying or financing a car, only this “car” regardless of how you acquire it, eventually pays for itself and is good for the environment. Before you make a decision, it’s important to work with your Solar Broker to explore all of the solar financing options available to you.

Purchase Your System

On average, a solar power system costs between $15,000 – $35,000 in Ontario, depending on the size (kW) of the system. But here’s the good news – over the life of the system you can earn in the area of $30,000 – $60,000.

Finance It With A Solar Offset Plan™

Solar Brokers Canada has amazing financing options with our Solar Start Kit. With as little as $500 dollars out-of-your-pocket, your Solar Broker can get you the best solar power system for your home to generate the greatest income possible.