What Should You Do with Old Solar Panels?

Stakeholders were looking for answers to the problem of malfunctioning solar panels. They also required assistance in removing obsolete modules from solar power plants but were afraid that the equipment might end up in landfills although the technology was still functional.
There has to be a practical way to repair damaged panels as well as resell secondhand panels in good shape that had been deactivated. Laid …

Impacts of Trade Policies on the Secondary Solar Segment

One of the reasons why the solar industry is dubbed the “solar coaster” is due to trade policies. Governments all around the world employ a range of techniques to offer their domestic companies a competitive advantage in the global market.
Other countries may see such measures as unjust, prompting retaliation measures. However, trade rules have ramifications for all parties involved, whether good or bad, as illustrated by recent solar sector news.
If you’ve been following the headlines in recent …

What We Do

Solar Brokers Network has been involved in the deployment of hundreds of solar arrays across North America through talented stakeholders. We’re here to satisfy customers’ needs for an unbiased consultation and offer a different approach to buying their own Solar Power systems.
We are mostly concerned with residential, off-grid settlements, and commercial properties.
Our residential service is unlike anything else in the market today. We have no restrictions and can provide the full …