About Us

Solar Brokers Network is a specialized firm that provides solar services and small to large-scale solar installations to government and commercial clients.

Our goal is to build partnerships with the finest, most recognized solar providers so that our customers always have access to quality solutions that meet their specific requirements. A supportive connection with Canada’s largest solar wholesalers provides us access to excellent systems available for Canadian environments.

Our team’s knowledge, along with key stakeholders such as solar PV manufacturers and importers, technicians, environmental consultants, design consultants, and investors, enables us to assemble a team to deliver the best guidance to our clients.

As more solar business representatives learned about the benefits of brokering, our team grew, with everyone working toward the same goal: to provide our clients with the greatest experience the sector has to offer.



Solar Brokers Network brings together all of the parties engaged in the creation and commissioning of solar installations.

We not only have the connectivity to coordinate commercial solutions, but we also have the network to develop and manage solar project constructions from planning, feasibility study, enlistment of EPC companies, negotiation with electricity network owners, to necessary discussions with government departments.

More significantly, we take pride in our team of committed electrical professionals, and we emphasize quality systems, components, and installations.

We are proud of the quality and craftsmanship that our community of electrical professionals brings to every setup, assuring you receive a fully integrated and safe installation that will endure for the many coming years, maximizing your prudent investment.