Feb 25 2017

The Benefits of Home Energy Audits

Whether you are considering a new residential solar power system for your home or are looking for ways to cut your hydro and electric bills, the best thing you can do is get a home energy audit. The audit helps you uncover and identify potential areas of the home where energy is being wasted, as well as help find safety and structural problems you may be unaware of, until they become a major and costly repair.

Other benefits a detailed home energy audit can provide includes:

Once problems have been identified and improvements made, besides helping lower your energy usage, two additional benefits gained are increasing the value of your home and making your home marketable, should you decide to sell it.

According to real estate professionals, for every $1 reduction in energy usage, on average it increases the value of the home around $20. For instance, if you reduce your energy bills by $500 annually, your home’s value increases as much as $10,000! (Please keep in mind this is just an average and actual increases in value are influenced by a number of factors including current market conditions.)

Furthermore, energy improvements increase comfort levels within your home year round. This can also help reduce other energy costs. For example, during the winter, if your home previously had cold spots, you may have put on sweaters and extra clothes to stay warm, increasing the amount of dirty clothing you had to launder, which meant you were using more energy.

How Installing a Solar System Helps

Adding a solar system to your home further increases the value of the home and reduces your energy usage. In addition, it helps reduce your reliance on fossil fuels, many of which are used to generate electricity, and allows you to do your part for creating a better environment for future generations. To learn more about solar solutions for your home and to see if your home qualifies, fill out our online form today!

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