Nov 08 2016

Canada Ranks Among Top Renewable Producers

“Canada’s wind and solar power capacity has increased dramatically in the past decade due to the support of various policies and programs. The country now ranks second in the world in hydro power generation and fourth in the world in renewable generation.”

–Shelley Milutinovic, Chief Economist, National Energy Board

According to a new report released by the National Energy Board (NEB), Canada is a world leader in renewable power and generates almost two-thirds of its electricity from renewable sources. In fact, we’re the fourth largest producer behind China, the United States, and Brazil. It’s widely speculated that renewable power will continue to grow thanks to support from governments and consumers, meaning our ranking could continue to rise.

In the past decade, solar capacity has increased 125 times; however, despite the growth, the combined capacity of wind, solar and biomass was just 11 per cent of total Canadian capacity in 2015. As solar and wind produce power intermittently, non-hydro renewables accounted for just seven percent of total Canadian generation.

Further growth in renewable power faces challenges such as cost concerns, local opposition, low increase in electricity demand, and the long operating life of existing facilities.

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