Most of the explanations to the key questions about how Solar Brokers Network works are below.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know if we missed anything.

What is the system’s warranty coverage?

The leasing firm will maintain the System Warranty throughout the term and will replace or repair any malfunctioning component or solve any defective workmanship at no cost or expense.

Furthermore, if you bought a house with solar already installed on the roof, the guarantee will accommodate you for the remaining balance and duration of the preexisting PPA.

If you decide to buy the system, we now offer complete 25-year protection on the solar cells, inverters, and all of the equipment involved.

What happens if there is a loss or damage?

Essentially, as long as you do not purposefully damage the system, the leasing firm has insurance coverage on every solar system and will cover all risks if there is harm, loss, breakdown, theft, or other similar catastrophes to any or all of the solar structure.

Also, if you buy the system, make sure to check with your house insurance carrier regarding adding the PV power to your current coverage. It may not cost anything extra because you already get coverage for the additional amount.

What if I decide to sell the house?

We expect most owners to sell their home within the next 25 years and easily transfer the contract to the new buyer, as they will undoubtedly require electricity as well, just as you would pass your regular energy bill to the prospective buyer.

If you have lived in the house for ten years, they will have 15 years left on the lease. We have 100% transfer rates, and once the individual buying your house signs the transfer agreement, you will be liberated from your PPA duties.