Share Solar With Friends Or Family — You’ll Both Earn $250! 


You’re a Leader — not a follower!

Hey — did you know that by simply looking into solar, you’re demonstrating that you’re a pioneer? That’s right! An interest in solar shows that you’re aware of the positive effect that clean, renewable energy can have on our environment. You’re also aware that the costs of energy are continuing to rise; in fact, they’ve increased well over 100% in the last eight years! Going solar is an inevitable step and the best way to protect yourself from these costs. Why not continue to be a forward-thinking leader? Help family members, friends, and coworkers protect themselves against the rising cost of electricity and invest in a bright, energy independent future! Simply have them sign up with Solar Brokers Canada, and provide your Referral ID. Not only will you get a cheque for $250 when they install solar, but they’ll receive $250 as well!

There’s no limit to the number of friends you can refer. Imagine, ten referrals could net you $2500 — and twenty referrals could earn you $5000.



How does it work?

Simply have them sign up here, or you can sign up on their behalf — don’t forget to use your unique Referral ID. Every email we send you contains your unique ID at the bottom, including the email that brought you to this page (see example below). If you can’t locate it, email us here and we’ll gladly help you!  

Here’s the link:


You can also email and tell them about this great program. Not sure what to say? Not to worry, we’ve drafted an email to get you started.  Again, don’t forget your unique Referral ID. See below:

Hello (enter your friend’s name),

I wanted to share something with you. It’s an opportunity to become a part of something big! Did you know that by going solar, you can protect your home against the rising cost of electricity and invest in an energy independent future?

Solar can increase the value of your home, and help you to offset your monthly energy costs by up to 50%. Solar Brokers Canada, has helped thousands of Canadian homeowners — like you and me — adopt solar. They offer great financing options, and qualifying is quick and easy. The best part? By mentioning my Referral ID, (enter your unique ID), we’ll both receive a cheque for $250 when you install.

Hurry up, though. A limited number of microFIT contracts remain for 2016. Don’t miss the opportunity to lock in a contract and start earning!