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How does it all work?

Learn more about how solar energy can benefit you and how Solar Brokers Canada can help you adopt solar for your home.



How Do I Go Solar?

That’s simple! First, see if your home qualifies. If yes, we’ll work to set you up with the best solar panel system that compliments the design of your home. Then, the clean energy your new solar panels generate gets sold back to the grid; what you do with the profits is up to you.

Will I Really Earn With Solar?

Yes! As part of Ontario’s microFIT program, you’ll be paid more than twice as much as you pay for the energy you produce. That means monthly cheques for the next 20 years – all while increasing the resale value of your home, reducing your carbon footprint and making the world a better place for future generations.

Can I Afford Solar?

For those that qualify, our financing options make it easy to get started; and with government incentives, the system will pay for itself. Hurry up, though the microFIT program is coming to an end in 2017. See if you qualify, today. Sign up to lock in your contract – and start earning! Our brokers are standing by to help you start the journey to energy independence.

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About Sierra Club Canada

Sierra Club Canada Foundation is a national registered charity that includes four chapters: Atlantic, Québec, Ontario, and Prairie, plus the Sierra Youth Coalition, a group whose mandate is to empower young people to become community leaders.

We have earned an excellent reputation for our thoroughly researched positions and our ability to serve as a powerful and effective advocate for environmental issues Canada-wide and internationally.

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