Nov 08 2016

Solar Myths Debunked

When it comes to adopting solar, there are plenty of misconceptions abound that can be misleading to customers. For example, here in Ontario, the province’s recent announcement that it would immediately suspend the second round of its Large Renewable Procurement (LRP II) process and the Energy-from-WasteStandard Offer Program was widely publicized as the end of solar.

That is false–that announcement had nothing to do with residential solar projects, which are currently covered under the microFIT program. Another commonly believed myth we see pop up on Facebook a lot is that your solar system can’t work for you in the winter. That’s also false–solar cells produce electricity when exposed to sunlight and work even more efficiently in colder temperatures.

We thought it may be helpful to share this great infographic by award-winning social enterprise Waka Waka that illustrates some common [functional] myths about solar and shares some great facts you may not know.

Solar Energy Facts Infographic

Waka Waka

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