What We Do

Solar Brokers Network has been involved in the deployment of hundreds of solar arrays across North America through talented stakeholders. We’re here to satisfy customers’ needs for an unbiased consultation and offer a different approach to buying their own Solar Power systems.

We are mostly concerned with residential, off-grid settlements, and commercial properties.


Our residential service is unlike anything else in the market today. We have no restrictions and can provide the full range of alternatives, including PPA, leases, cash purchases, and other financing options.

We work with all forms of installations, including solar installations on all types of roofs, ground mounts, carports, and structures. Not only will we talk with you about all of your options, but we will also examine your home to determine if there are any adjustments we can propose to lower your home’s energy consumption.


There are numerous advantages to choosing solar for your commercial property or enterprise. Our commercial solar associates have completed thousands of projects at various levels, including state and municipal projects as well as big, privately held properties. 

We will thoroughly examine your proposal, identify the best solution, and collect bids from our partners to evaluate with you.


Batteries, with or without solar, can be a wonderful solution since they can pull energy from the grid when power prices are lowest, and then use the stored energy in the middle of the day. We do a thorough investigation to assess how much this technology can benefit your company.