Why Solar

In North America, solar panels are currently deployed in roughly 2 million residences. By putting solar on your home or office, you are making a long-term investment in your future and setting a good example for other Canadians to follow in our transition to a green future.

Canada, as one of the world’s largest nations in terms of total landmass, is in an excellent position to emerge as a global leader in sustainable energy production. Despite this, renewable energy sources account for only a small fraction of our energy production. From the most fundamental level, it is clear how much better a photovoltaic solar panel is for the planet.

Conventional fossil fuels are not only environmentally damaging, but they also embody a dying type of energy production that is highly reliant on government subsidies. As a result, the transition to renewable sources is unavoidable and should occur real soon.

As the advancement of solar energy develops, the overall cost of establishing and maintaining facilities will decrease. This enables the construction of additional solar energy facilities across the country.

Still, the transition to solar energy and other renewable sources of energy in Canada will take time. As Canada moves forward with energy production, it is critical to recognize our country’s ability to build on existing solar energy infrastructure across our large continent.

Solar lowers your energy bills

With the cost of grid power increasing, having a solar power system allows you to create your electricity. Solar power generated by your panels from the sun can potentially eliminate your electricity costs.

Avoiding rising electricity rates throughout your system’s 25-year lifespan is quite enticing, especially with additional savings increasing over time as power prices rise.

Solar improves the selling value of your home

Going solar might add thousands of dollars to the property value of a typical home based on existing median-valued properties. This figure represents a significant amount of the overall cost of a system when the solar tax credit is applied.

Even if you plan to relocate within the next several years, solar would be a wise investment. Not to add that you’ll save money on energy expenditures before the move.

When there is a blackout, the battery keeps the lights on

Battery storage makes it easy to store the solar electricity generated by your photovoltaic arrays. In the case of a power outage, you’ll also be able to keep your devices functioning, such as your refrigerator.